At Ital Acres we are compassionate plant advocates; we do not treat or diagnose.  Herbs do not treat symptoms; they are wellness tonics that help us restore balance in a hectic and often non-nutritive world.  When energetics of individual and energetics of herbs are matched, wellness can be restored.  “Sometimes the herbs work as the result of careful and purposeful application, while other times the mode of healing can only be attributed to the workings of a great mystery that is beyond our calculated comprehension…herbs grown by our hands in local gardens provide the strongest medicine we can possibly make and dispense to heal… we experience the value of maintaining a relationship with the medicine from the time the seed is dropped into the soil to the time the extract is filtered…I have an unshakeable faith in the medicine, and this provides a strong foundation for healing.” (Richo Cech, Making Plant Medicine)  Most of our preparations are homegrown, from seed, to harvest, to herbal remedy; others are locally wildcrafted.  Cat’s Claw and Bladderwrack are our only imported or purchased herbs.  Most herbs have many different uses.  We do not treat/diagnose.

Tinctures – an herbal extract produced by steeping ground herb in a liquid menstruum (usually alcohol), infusing (and preserving) the liquid with the active constituents of the herb.  Dosage – A few drops to droppersful held under tongue or mixed in water, juice, or tea, depending on the herb.

Synergized Compound Tinctures

Single Herb Tinctures