Mom & Baby

It takes an infinite amount of strength and patience to be a mother.  The cornerstone of I-TAL ACRES herbal products is the strength of a mother of three children (all homebirthed and homeschooled), who lovingly grows each of our herbs from seed for the benefit of Mother Earth and all of Her inhabitants.  We know you need the best for you and your baby, no crap, period.  Not even the stuff in most ‘natural’ products.  Lunar organically grown herbs, harvested at medicinal peak potency, combined with other simple ingredients, mindfully prepared & infused with love to help and heal all,  make the best remedies and  preparations available.  Our products are created  to help heal our family, our friends, our community, our globe.  They are the only ‘medicines’ our children have ever used.  Nature provides.  Infinite Light, Infinite Being, Infinite Joy, Infinite Happiness, Infinite Blessings, One Perfect Love.  

Happy Bums Diaper Spray 2 oz $4.75

Not Just For Babies Salve 2 oz $11

Calming Lavender Chamomile Oil 1 oz $7.75

Perineal Massage Oil 1 oz $9.75

Baby Bump Butter $13